Tutorial details

How do we Signup for free trial and log in

Write us a small message in Contact us section and within 24 hours we will email you login Credetials. Than simply go to ML Auto login Section and start Automating!!

Trial License will be valid for 1 day in which you will get access to the platform of your choice. Please mention in your message about which Automation platform you would want to try out: Web, Android, Ios or Desktop

#2. What kind of access will i get

There is different type of access for each platform. ML Auto come is online AWS hosted platform and on-prem. please mention if you will need on-prem or online platform trial access

For on-prem you will get full acess for Aeb, Android, Ios and Desktop

For online you will get following access:

For web you will get full acess

For Android, you will get limited Access due to cost associated with online device farm. But we can provide access with Emulators. If you have signed up for some online device farm, simply connect it during trial and get full access.

For Ios, we dont provide free trial as of now

For Desktop Automation, you will need on prem solution only in most cases, but we can have discussion and in case required, we can host your desktop app on AWS for automation purpose

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