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ChatBot, Web and Mobile development

Automated testing, Devops and RPA

ML Auto: AI based Automation Product

Startup with Innovation at its core

Helping organisations adopting AI and Devops to deliver faster

Web Development

Website, Mobile Apps, Chatbot, Specilized ML API's deployed on Cloud

Software Testing

Implementing Devops and AI with no-touch Automated Testing

Advantages of Automated testing

ML Auto helps you Automate your Testing Life cycle or Business Processes faster

0 % of manpower reduction
0 % of Time Reduction
0 % of Coverage Increase
0 % of bugs going into production

Our Exclusive IT Solution Services

Customer touch points

Chatbot, Web and Mobile Development

Devops Consulting

Upgrading skill sets and implemnting dev ops

Testing Automation

No Touch testing with help of open source and AI based solutions


Automating the redundant tasks without investments in Expensive tool stack

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We can help you train your existing manual team on Automation and adopt devops
  2. Picking right open source as well as AI software testing stack which can be easily adopted by your current testing team
  3. We can help you reach out to your custmer faster by building AI based Chatbots
  4. Mobile and Web Application development
  5. Automating any repetitive task: RPA
  1. It is a journey, so depends upon you current stage
  2. If you are following it in development, just testing is manual than 1 year is good refrence frame
  3. Initial starting point would be starting with upskilling team members for Automated testing
  4. Later on move it to dockers in Cloud and integrating it in current pipeline for no tuch deployment
  1. Even Business Users can Automated anything using simple record and playback feature
  2. It can automated, Mobile, web and desktop process
  3. Stability in scrips using AI
  4. Usually you will see 50%-80% faster script creation time
  5. Chatbot, Watspp, SMS/OTP can also be automated using this
  6. Existing Automation work can be migrated to ML Auto so you dont have to start from scratch
  7. Free Demo and trial is available, simply sign up and follow tutorials

If you are open for cloud platform, than no hardware require. Simply use our AWS hosted solution and get started

Else, it can be deployed on prem on simple latop or desktop or for larger requirement it can be hosted on you LAN

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